| Zach & Mackenzie Beckmeyer 2019 |

Nazareth Hall in Grand Rapids, Ohio is stunning, but it was even more beautiful for the reception of Zach & Kenzie!  From their ceremony in Archbold, to a quick drive to Grand Rapids, the day was warm, full of laughter, and so much love was radiating from the couple and their amazing bridal party!  Their adorable little Sylvia made the day that much sweeter with a heart melting smile that only got bigger when her mom or dad walked in the room!  Once we arrived at Nazareth we were lucky enough to get to head down to the grotto for their bridal party portraits and it was the perfect place to help keep everyone cool.  Heat indexes reached much higher than anticipated for the day and it was hot!  The guys were troopers and happy to remove their tux jackets and the laddies were amazing in their light dresses and sandals!

There was not a dull moment with their bridal party, we had mooing, sidesplitting laughs, and they kept us on our toes all day; I wouldn’t have had it any other way!  You can see the excitement and fun that everyone was having in each of the images from the day, just check out these sneak peeks!  Zach & Kenzie’s parents we so supportive and helpful throughout the day as well, making sure everything went off without a hitch!  Thank you Zach & Kenzie for allowing us to capture your special day, we were honored and had a blast with all of you!  Congratulations!

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| Henry County Fair 2019 |

County Fairs are an area favorite this time of year!  Youth and adult projects of all kinds are entered and prepared for all year long; from open class to 4-H, FFA, Farm Bureau Youth, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts, everyone looks forward to their county fair!  As a 4-H alumni who took projects from photography and sewing to furniture refinishing and market lambs, I love our county fair!

Earlier this year I was asked if I would be interested in becoming the superintendent of the photography department for our local county fair.  After talking with the director in charge and my family, I decided to take on the position and help to showcase the photo talents of those in Henry County!

Along with coordinating classes, organizing drop offs and pick ups, and many other tasks during the fair week, I was asked to choose someone to judge the hundreds of entries.  Without hesitation I knew exactly who I wanted to have join me as judge, Angela Keck of ARK Photography!  Angela is a fellow Henry County photographer, we have worked together several times at weddings, bounced ideas back and forth with each other, and learned from each other!    She is immensely talented and I am honored to have her on board!


This year’s Henry County Fair runs from August 8-15 and will be filled with amazing entries in the 4-H barn, animal barns, floral hall, merchant’s buildings, and Farm Bureau building!  Make sure to stop out, see the exhibits and get a burger, sausage sandwich, and milkshake!

| Zirkes Family 2019 |

Just over a year ago a message from a mom to be that I had never met looking for a last minute maternity session appeared in my inbox; she was so sweet and beyond excited to welcome their little one in a few short weeks!  I will be forever grateful that she took that leap and left that message!  It has been so much fun to get to know Alicia, Matt, & Warren over the last year, such a fun couple with an adorable little guy and I couldn’t wait to help them celebrate his first birthday with a family session.  We headed out to Providence Metropark in Grand Rapids, Ohio last weekend and with great weather after some humid days, it was perfect.  Warren did so well, we saw lots of smiles, giggles, and playing in the dirt!  I look forward to many more wonderful sessions with the Zirkes Family in the future, thank you Alicia for sending that message and Happy 1st Birthday Warren!

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| Reichert Family 2019 |

I knew the moment that I met Beth, that we were going to have a wonderful family session with her crew!  She had so many wonderful ideas and we were able to combine our thoughts for this amazing outcome!  The Reichert Family is prepping to send their oldest daughter off to Yale in the next few days and before everyone went their separate ways and school starts back up, they wanted to make sure to do an updated family session!  We met at the always gorgeous Sauder Village Campground where the grasses were green, the weather was comfortable, unlike the sweltering heat we had just he week before, and their family was so full of laughter, smiles, and inside jokes that you couldn’t help but smile right along with them!  Thank you Reichert Family for such a wonderful summer evening!

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| Noteworthy Nuptials Logo Design |

Your logo is one of the first thing clients see and becomes one of the ways they recognize you from others; having a strong logo to add to your brand is just one of those important steps in creating and launching a business!  From gorgeous watercolors and soft complementing colors, to bold fonts and colors, the possibilities of creating a logo are endless!

Noteworthy Nuptials is a wonderful wedding coordinating business that is owned by a fellow high school classmate of mine, Jen Bailey!  I was so excited and honored to be able to create this amazing logo for her!  I love getting to sit down with clients and discuss what they would like to see in a logo, but for Jen and I, there are just a few states that separate us.  Instead of meeting in person, we opted to face time our meeting!  Jen emailed her thoughts and ideas so I could have a visual on hand while we chatted and bounced ideas back and forth, discussing colors, designs, likes and dislikes, and a week later we had her final custom look!

I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing about the South Carolina couples that have the pleasure of having their wedding coordinated by Noteworthy Nuptials!  Congrats Jen on your new adventure and thank you for bringing me along!

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| Mark Helberg Birth Announcements |

Birth announcements are a great way to share he arrival of your new little one with family and friends near and far!  Who doesn’t love to put a gorgeous newborn on their fridge?!  Mark’s newborn session went so well with the help of his big brothers!  It’s so much fun to create custom art for clients and his mom and dad picked out the perfect image for their announcements.  With the addition of a little text to add the details of his arrival and a little graphic around the outside to help highlight him, we had the perfect announcement to share with his loved ones!  Getting to combine two amazing mediums is so rewarding for me, capturing special moments and highlighting them with custom graphics is an amazing way to bring lasting memories to any important milestone!  Thinking about a special session or graphic?  Let’s combine the two and create something memorable!

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| Freedom Ironworx 2019 |

Logo Design is a wonderful part of graphic design, getting to completely customize a brand new look for a fellow business owner is amazing!  Freedom Ironworx came to me a few years ago with an idea for a logo and after going back and forth for a few weeks and combining our thoughts, we came up with this amazing look for such a unique and creative business!  Since that first print we have done inks in white, red, green, neon green, and the latest, neon pink!  Just check out how amazing that final pink print is on the black, it’s amazing to see how a graphic design comes to life!  If you haven’t had a chance to see the amazing things Keith has created, pop on over to his Freedom Ironworx page and check them out and pick up a brand new hot pink printed t-shirt today!

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| Moline’s 1st Birthday Invitation

Miss Mo turned 1!  It has been a joy to watch her grow as we captured her during her milestone sessions and creating her 1st birthday invitations has been icing on the cake!  We created a custom watercolor design and added in text and graphics to highlight her birthday theme!  Her sweet family loves John Deere green tractors and it’s only fitting that her first birthday invitations reflect that perfectly.  Wishing Miss Mo the happiest of birthdays and I can’t wait to continue to watch her grow!

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| Trevor Perry 1 Year |

Milestone sessions are a wonderful way to capture your little one as they change throughout their first year!  Trevor just turned 1 and was on the move for his 1 Year Session!  At six months he was a snuggle bug, but this time he was on the move and ready to play!  You can’t help but get captured by his sweet personality and those gorgeous blue eyes, they are sure to brighten any day.  Happiest of Birthday’s Trevor!

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| Tropical Freeze 2019 |

Ice cream, a word synonymous with summer! Our small community is lucky enough to have a wonderful ice cream shop, Tropical Freeze, that offers not only their amazing cones and flurries, but burgers, fries, and more! This year they decided to branch out into a new adventure with a concession trailer! In December of last year the Tropical Freeze crew asked me to help them transform their new concession trailer into a Mini Tropical Freeze. A project that has been very close to my heart these last few months; one this size takes lots of detailed measuring, pictures, graphic design time, tweaking to make it just right, and collaboration!

The base of our project started with graphic design, a field that I love and have been working in for fourteen years. Graphic design comes in many different forms and can be produced in many different ways. Logo design, invitations of all sorts, promotional items, business cards, signs, vehicle graphics, and so much more; but in this case, our graphic design was to create a vehicle wrap for the new Tropic Freeze concession trailer!

We decided to make some logo adjustments and additions, a few font changes, but still kept the color scheme and texture of their current shop!  Once we had the final design created, we placed the layouts onto digital pictures of the actual trailer for alignment, measurements were checked one more time, and we were ready for print and installation! While I have extensive vehicle and sign graphic vinyl installation experience of all kinds, one thing that I have never tackled or been trained in is vehicle wrapping; for this part of the process I called on fellow graphic and sign business owner and friend Josette. Her detailed knowledge of wrapping was the final piece of the puzzle and the icing on the cake! We talked on the phone, emailed, and messaged to make sure the artwork came through just right and to get the install scheduled. In the small business world, fellow business relationships are so important; being able to work together and support one another in whatever form we can is priceless. There is no harm in reaching out to fellow businesses to complete projects, just look at what our two businesses came together to create!

Below you can see the transformation from graphic design to the final wrapped look! I popped out to snaps some quick pictures on my phone before sunset last night(just look at how that golden hour sun hits the trailer!) so that we could share the fun that is to come with all of you!  Our community has been patiently waiting for opening day and now they are one step closer to filling those ice cream machines and flipping burgers!  If you happen to be driving through our small town this summer, make sure you stop for a cone! Thank you to the Tropical Freeze crew for many months of fun creating this wonderful look, see you at The Freeze!

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