| Dana Voll AHS Senior 2020 |

Fall is quickly approaching, our nights are cooler and our days are getting shorter, summer has come and gone so quickly!  Schools are now back in session and that means senior sessions are in full swing!  Last Friday night I met up with Dana and her sweet family to capture the first part of her senior session!  Dana is one of the field commander’s for the school’s marching band and it was so much fun to head out to the football field to capture that important part of her senior year!  After wrapping up there we headed out to a gorgeous field across the road from her house for some golden hour magic!  Nothing can beat that beautiful light and our night was capped off by a stunning sunset!  Dana brought so many wonderful ideas to her session, we had some great helpers in her brothers, and I had a great time with her!  Best of luck this year Dana, I can’t wait for part two of your session!

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| Zach & Mackenzie Beckmeyer 2019 |

Nazareth Hall in Grand Rapids, Ohio is stunning, but it was even more beautiful for the reception of Zach & Kenzie!  From their ceremony in Archbold, to a quick drive to Grand Rapids, the day was warm, full of laughter, and so much love was radiating from the couple and their amazing bridal party!  Their adorable little Sylvia made the day that much sweeter with a heart melting smile that only got bigger when her mom or dad walked in the room!  Once we arrived at Nazareth we were lucky enough to get to head down to the grotto for their bridal party portraits and it was the perfect place to help keep everyone cool.  Heat indexes reached much higher than anticipated for the day and it was hot!  The guys were troopers and happy to remove their tux jackets and the laddies were amazing in their light dresses and sandals!

There was not a dull moment with their bridal party, we had mooing, sidesplitting laughs, and they kept us on our toes all day; I wouldn’t have had it any other way!  You can see the excitement and fun that everyone was having in each of the images from the day, just check out these sneak peeks!  Zach & Kenzie’s parents we so supportive and helpful throughout the day as well, making sure everything went off without a hitch!  Thank you Zach & Kenzie for allowing us to capture your special day, we were honored and had a blast with all of you!  Congratulations!

*All photos and designs are copyright and property of SSRM Designs & Photography, please no copying, cropping, or saving photos