| Overmier Family |

Ohio summers, you just never know what you’re going to get! We’ve had cold days, rainy and flooding days, comfortable days, and most recently hot and humid first thing in the morning days! This last saturday was humid, buggy, and just plain too warm, but with some gorgeous kids, fun adults, and a wonderful setting, it proved for a great morning session! Grandpa even had some great ideas for shots, and they turned out great! I love when family members can incorporate their ideas! And luckily the rain held off until after the session! Thank you Overmier Family for a great, fun filled Saturday morning!

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| Lanny Cowell |

Saturday I got to spend some of my afternoon with this adorable little country girl!  At only a week and a half she is already very alert and stretching those tiny legs!  Big brother is so proud of her and loves to give her “mooches”!  Of course we couldn’t not get one of big brother keeping watch over us! 🙂  Congrats Cowell Family!

| Mila Harper Quinones |

Say Hello to Baby Mila!!!!  This adorable little girl is the daughter of two great friends of mine, I graduated High School with her Daddy and met her Mommy through working at a mutual place.  I spent a wonderful Friday afternoon with all of them, got in some great snuggles, and of course some gorgeous shots of the beauty!  She was the perfect baby, no fussing, slept through the whole thing, and was so at peace in her Mommy and Daddy’s arms.  Congrats Pops & Joellyn!  Can’t wait to get some more snuggles in!

| Trey Siler | Mini Session

This handsome young man isn’t just only a great, sweet guy, but he’s also my cousin!  I was honored when his mom called and asked if I would take pictures for his ninth birthday!  Of course!  Who doesn’t want someone so adorable in front of their camera!  Happy Birthday Trey!

| Mollie B Session 2 |

Mollie decided that she wanted to add just a few more shots to her collection, so we took a gorgeous, Tuesday afternoon and went back out to take a few more!  These are just a few of the many fantastic shots, love her smile and contagious energy!

| July 4th |

A little Fourth of July fun with fireworks and some stills while enjoying some rare downtime!  My camera seems to go everywhere with me, whether I have a shoot or not!  You never know when you will find that perfect photo spot!  Fireworks are incredibly difficult to capture and they are always something that I had wanted to try and this year I was took full advantage of my free time and dslr, changed the settings, and came up with these fun shots!  I love how the lights trail and blur to show motion and how some are crisp and clear as if frozen in time!  Enjoy!

| Alexis Anne |

I’ve known little Alexis’ mom since I was young and it was an honor to get to meet her and capture these special moment for her parents!  Alexis’ mom has a love for giraffe’s and elephants and I think that she is going to grow up loving them as well, check out her adorable giraffe jumper!


She was so sweet and content and ready to do anything her mom tried to do and dress her up in!


Alexis always seemed to want to hang the one foot over whatever we set her in and it was too cute to not photograph!  Sound asleep and ready for anything, thanks for being such a trooper Alexis!


Congrats Nick, Laura, & Alexis!!!



| Micah Ray Helberg |

This adorable little guy was so much fun to photograph!  On a very rainy and melancholy day, I got to spend some time with little Micah.  At two weeks old and just over six pounds, he has already found his own little personality and rythm. IMG_0143_1 Though he was not happy that he was the center of attention, his Momma was quick to get him ready to shine! Turns out he was missing the sounds of big brother Lucas!IMG_0134 Once he found his comfy spot, his tiny fingers were ready to play ball with his Daddy and big brother!


Congrats Helberg Family!!!