| Christmas In Ridgeville 2021 Garments |

Our hometown event, Christmas In Ridgeville, is tomorrow!!!  The town looks beautiful, from lights and decorations, to holiday spirit everywhere you go.  As you enjoy the evening you will see some of our volunteers and committee members wearing our Christmas in Ridgeville garments; a perfect vintage look for a vintage evening.  Committee members had great ideas that inspired this perfect look!  It has been such a pleasure working with this group and being a part of something so special in our hometown, we can’t wait to be a part of the afternoon and evening tomorrow!  If you have home tour tickets, we are sure that you will enjoy the history and beauty of each one.  Not only is the home tour going to be in full swing on Saturday, but Santa will be arriving at the fire station, horse drawn carriage rides will be available, warm drinks and yummy food from one of our favorite Ridgeville food trucks, carolers will be singing in the streets, a live nativity put together by all of the township churches will be amazing, a Christmas tree lot, and even a photo op where we will be capturing some fun!  Then on Sunday will be the annual Christmas Village Craft Show at our American Legion, full of wonderful handmade items and food provided by the Legion Auxiliary.  Please join us for this wonderful holiday tradition and the start of many new ones!  We truly are lucky to live in such a wonderful small town!

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| Tropical Freeze 2019 |

Ice cream, a word synonymous with summer! Our small community is lucky enough to have a wonderful ice cream shop, Tropical Freeze, that offers not only their amazing cones and flurries, but burgers, fries, and more! This year they decided to branch out into a new adventure with a concession trailer! In December of last year the Tropical Freeze crew asked me to help them transform their new concession trailer into a Mini Tropical Freeze. A project that has been very close to my heart these last few months; one this size takes lots of detailed measuring, pictures, graphic design time, tweaking to make it just right, and collaboration!

The base of our project started with graphic design, a field that I love and have been working in for fourteen years. Graphic design comes in many different forms and can be produced in many different ways. Logo design, invitations of all sorts, promotional items, business cards, signs, vehicle graphics, and so much more; but in this case, our graphic design was to create a vehicle wrap for the new Tropic Freeze concession trailer!

We decided to make some logo adjustments and additions, a few font changes, but still kept the color scheme and texture of their current shop!  Once we had the final design created, we placed the layouts onto digital pictures of the actual trailer for alignment, measurements were checked one more time, and we were ready for print and installation! While I have extensive vehicle and sign graphic vinyl installation experience of all kinds, one thing that I have never tackled or been trained in is vehicle wrapping; for this part of the process I called on fellow graphic and sign business owner and friend Josette. Her detailed knowledge of wrapping was the final piece of the puzzle and the icing on the cake! We talked on the phone, emailed, and messaged to make sure the artwork came through just right and to get the install scheduled. In the small business world, fellow business relationships are so important; being able to work together and support one another in whatever form we can is priceless. There is no harm in reaching out to fellow businesses to complete projects, just look at what our two businesses came together to create!

Below you can see the transformation from graphic design to the final wrapped look! I popped out to snaps some quick pictures on my phone before sunset last night(just look at how that golden hour sun hits the trailer!) so that we could share the fun that is to come with all of you!  Our community has been patiently waiting for opening day and now they are one step closer to filling those ice cream machines and flipping burgers!  If you happen to be driving through our small town this summer, make sure you stop for a cone! Thank you to the Tropical Freeze crew for many months of fun creating this wonderful look, see you at The Freeze!

*All photos and designs are copyright and property of SSRM Designs & Photography, please no copying, cropping, or saving photos