| Matt & Allie Baker 2021 |

As we start to return to normal after a year of so many changes, we were honored to be able to spend last Sunday with Matt & Allie as they said “I Do” in a very quaint and beautiful ceremony of close family and friends!  Matt’s love for Allie radiated during their bridal portraits and Allie’s smile was contagious and never ending when Matt arrived!  He even brought her bouquet to their first look for her and it was absolutely stunning!  We were lucky to have a beautiful spring day for outdoor photos, a little wind, but that didn’t stop Allie from smiling!  After their ceremony guests enjoyed gorgeous and delicious cupcakes and yummy appetizers.  It was a wonderful day for a sweet couple!  Thank you Matt & Allie, wishing you all the best!

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| Logan & Brittany 2019 |

Fall colors took quite some time to arrive to our part of Ohio, but when they did they were so pretty!  Unfortunately, the days after brought rain and wind and the colors went from the trees to the ground.  That didn’t stop Logan & Brittany from making the best of their rainy, down pouring, and cold wedding day, they stayed so positive and rolled with the punches!  We weren’t able to go out to their chosen location for portraits due to the downpours, but we were lucky that their church had a covered drop off area and the ladies braved the cold temperatures in their beautiful dresses and the guys gave us their handsome smiles!  Brittany was having a blast as we did her portraits, living up every minute and working the camera, they turned out amazing!  This sweet couple has such a wonderful support system in their family and friends and their love for one another shined when we photographed just the two of them together; no one existed but them and it was adorable!  From the beautiful details in the flowers and rings, the touches at their receptions, their amazing bridal party helping them celebrate all day, and their sense of adventure, it was a gorgeous day, no matter what mother nature threw our way!  I can’t wait to get them and their family back in front of my camera!  Congrats Logan & Brittany, wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

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| Zach & Mackenzie Beckmeyer 2019 |

Nazareth Hall in Grand Rapids, Ohio is stunning, but it was even more beautiful for the reception of Zach & Kenzie!  From their ceremony in Archbold, to a quick drive to Grand Rapids, the day was warm, full of laughter, and so much love was radiating from the couple and their amazing bridal party!  Their adorable little Sylvia made the day that much sweeter with a heart melting smile that only got bigger when her mom or dad walked in the room!  Once we arrived at Nazareth we were lucky enough to get to head down to the grotto for their bridal party portraits and it was the perfect place to help keep everyone cool.  Heat indexes reached much higher than anticipated for the day and it was hot!  The guys were troopers and happy to remove their tux jackets and the laddies were amazing in their light dresses and sandals!

There was not a dull moment with their bridal party, we had mooing, sidesplitting laughs, and they kept us on our toes all day; I wouldn’t have had it any other way!  You can see the excitement and fun that everyone was having in each of the images from the day, just check out these sneak peeks!  Zach & Kenzie’s parents we so supportive and helpful throughout the day as well, making sure everything went off without a hitch!  Thank you Zach & Kenzie for allowing us to capture your special day, we were honored and had a blast with all of you!  Congratulations!

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| Tyler & Erica Bacon |

What a beautiful day Tyler & Erica had for their wedding last weekend!  The guys were handsome in their blue suits and the girls we gorgeous in their deep navy dresses!  The flowers smelled amazing and the details at the reception were intricate and a perfect depiction of who Tyler & Erica are.  We had so much fun at their engagement session at Sauder Village a few months back and we had even more fun at the wedding with the addition of a great bridal party!  Many couples are opting to do a first look on the big day, but Tyler & Erica didn’t want to see each other until Erica walked down the aisle.  I got a message from Erica the day before the wedding saying they had changed their mind and wanted to add in a first look, and I’m so glad they did!  The emotion between them in the moments that Tyler turned around and saw Erica can’t be put into words, there is an amazing connection between this sweet couple that you just have to see!  The ceremony went off without a hitch, we had a great time with the bridal party, and the reception was full of great food, cake, and dancing!  We decided to take advantage of the beautiful evening and head outside towards the end of the reception and take some gorgeous photos next to an old truck!  It was a beautiful day for this amazing couple, it has been great working with them, I was honored to spend their day with them, and can’t wait to see what their future holds, Congrats Tyler & Erica!

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| Tim & Alecia Reimund |

Saturday, July 21, I had the honor of joining Angela of ARK Photography at the wedding of Tim & Alecia!  What a great couple and such a fun bridal party, the love these two share is evident every time they look at one another!  While the rain did have us running for cover every now and then, the absolutely gorgeous church made for some amazing photos as well!  We headed out to a beautiful park after the ceremony and then onto a reception full of great dances, music, and cake!

There’s something special about joining a fellow photographer as a second photographer on a wedding day, this is something we call community over competition.  When another photographer, or couple, would like to add a second photographer to a wedding day, we call on one another and have the joy of shooting together!  We learn from one another, help fluff dresses for shots, toss a veil and run, and find a second amazing angle for the same shot he or she is getting at that very moment.  It can get quite comical when you have two photographers working together, we always know where one another is, but when you are focusing on what’s in your view finder and walking around, you have a tendency to bump into one another!  Which of course causes smiles from the couple and the bridal party and what’s better than that?!  I learned some great tips from Angela that day and was able to share a few things that I do on my couples’ wedding days, it’s a great experience for both the lead photographer and second!  Whether one photographer is Canon and the other Nikon or even Sony, that doesn’t matter at the end of the day, we all have our own gear, but the end result is the same, capturing that couple’s amazing wedding day to the best of our combined abilities, learning together, getting to know each other, making life long friendships, and encouraging and building one another up!  Thank you Angela for asking me to join you and Congrats Tim & Alecia!

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| Tyler & Olivia Kossow |

Just over a year ago I got an email from a sweet couple looking to book their photographer for 2018, we met and instantly hit it off!  Tyler & Olivia have been so much fun to work with over this last year when we started with their engagement session and save the date cards, to their invitations, koozies, and capturing their big day.  The day started out rainy and dreary, but as I arrived at the church, the rain stopped and things brightened up!  They opted to not see each other before the ceremony, but instead we did a corner meet so that they could exchange letters and have a moment to themselves and it was so sweet!  The bridesmaids and moms were great help in getting Olivia ready and the groomsmen were ready to get Tyler down the isle!  We heard showers while we were inside off and on, but when we were ready to head out with the bridal party, the showers stopped again and we had great weather for outdoor portraits!  Every detail of the day was planned perfectly, from the dresses and tuxes, to the beautiful cake and chocolate frosted cupcake heart in the middle of the cake table and the sweet note attached to the guests’ silverware!  Olivia looked gorgeous and Tyler beamed with pride as he saw her for the first time walking down the isle!  I’m so happy for Tyler & Olivia and look forward to seeing them around town and many more fun sessions in the future!  Congratulations you two!!!

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Florist: Above the Roots Florist

Cake: The Bake Shop: Kristy’s Cakes

| Long Wedding |

What a beautiful day it was last Saturday for a wedding!  I was once again honored to be asked to shoot alongside fellow photographer and friend Lauren Beers at this beautiful couple’s wedding!  From detail shots and the ceremony at the church, heading across the street and uptown, and then out to a home in the country, we ended up at their reception for a night of good food and dancing!  I love getting to share my talents with fellow photographers and learn from them at the same time; community over competition, building each other up, and providing a couple with even more shots from their special day!  Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Long!

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| Stewart Wedding |

Last weekend I was honored to be able to shoot along side fellow photographer & friend Lauren Beers!  We headed out to Nazareth Hall in Grand Rapids, OH for the beautiful wedding of Kelsey & Sean!  Despite the day’s previous rain and moving their ceremony inside, the day was sunny & gorgeous for some outdoor photos and what a beautiful venue inside!  From their energetic bridal party and two handsome little boys, to great family and friends, a wonderful time was had by all.  Congrats Kelsey & Sean!

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