| 2014 Recent Graphic Designs |

I’m very lucky to work in a community/county who takes great pride in their 4-H & Junior Fair Board programs!  This year was creating a new look for JFB to embroider onto their shirts as well as creating a work shirt design.  Each year the 4-H in our county puts on a Camp for 4-H age kids and a Camp for those not quite of age, called Cloverbud Camp.  Every year the designs go in different directions, from me coming up with the look of the graphics, to the kids drawing it out and me getting to recreate from their drawing, this year 4-H Camp is the kids’ design and Clovebud Camp was mine.  4-H is a program that is very close to my heart, I was an 11 year member and and now a 10 year(and counting!) adviser of our club; our county has been blessed with an amazing 4-H educator whom knows each one of her past and present 4-Hers as well as she knows her on kids.  She’s done more for our county than most people know and I owe her so much for always supporting me!  4-H is where I got my start in projects from photography to the arts and I couldn’t be more proud to bleed green! 😉

Our little community also has a GREAT little ice cream place that opens in the spring and is open as late as they can be in the fall!  They came to me asking for some designs for koozies to help celebrate their 10 years in business and after some editing and design changes, these are what they came up with!  And from what I can tell, they are flying off the shelves for them and I was so happy to have made this project a reality for them!

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