| Kayla Sharp Bridal Shower Invitation |

Who doesn’t love a chance to get together with friends and family and celebrate a bride and groom?!  Of course showers always look like it was a simple thing to plan, but when one breaks it down, there’s food, location, time, and even invitations to decide on.  I love getting the call to create those ever special invites!  Something that the bride can tuck into her scrapbook after the shower and look back on and remember that important day leading up to the wedding!  What was even more fun creating these was that the bride is a friend of our family as is the bridesmaid helping to plan the shower!  One of the most rewarding things a graphic designer can here is, “We love it, let’s go to print!”  And that’s exactly what the planning committee said after only one layout!  Congrats to Kayla & Zach as they em-barque on this new and import part of their lives!

Kayla Sharp Bridal Shower Invitations 1


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