| Brok Burtch 2019 |

Seeing how much kids change in such a short time is amazing, yearly sessions are a great way to capture those quick changes and I love getting to see clients each year!  Brok’s session was a blast as always, he knows how to keep you on your toes and a smile on your face the whole time!  You might remember him from last year’s session with his famous hot dog shirt; this year he dazzled us with a sweet reptile on a bike at the beach shirt, just as adorable and fits his personality perfectly.  He seems to have grown about a foot since last year and definitely catching up to me!  We walked along the river and found some perfect spots, beautiful trees, and a great broken tree for Brok to climb, the perfect way to end his session as he climbs into the new school year!

*All photos and designs are copyright and property of SSRM Designs & Photography, please no copying, cropping, or saving photos

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