| Graicen Siler 2019 |

How absolutely stunning is this girl!?  Each year I wonder if Graicen will top her session from the previous year, and the answer every year is yes!  Trying to narrow down sneaks and not show the hundreds that we took was no easy feat!  No matter where we go or what we do, what season it is, or what the weather is doing, she knocks her sessions out of the park!  This year we headed out to the woods and fields, trying to catch the last of the color on the trees before it fell with the upcoming weather!  We had amazing light as golden hour approached and golden hour itself didn’t disappoint.  I had a wonderful lighting assistant in her younger brother Trey, you saw his session a few weeks ago, who was on point all night, we couldn’t have done it without him!  Next year is Graicen’s senior year, she has big plans already for what she wants to do, I can’t wait to pull her visions together!  Have a great Junior Year Graicen!

*All photos and designs are copyright and property of SSRM Designs & Photography, please no copying, cropping, or saving photos

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