| Christmas In Ridgeville 2022 |

The colors have fallen from the trees, the air has a calming chill, the Holidays are quickly approaching, and that means that Christmas In Ridgeville is just a few short weeks away!  Last year’s inaugural kickoff was so warmly received and supported by the community, that this year’s committee has added some new events and activities for all ages to help you kick off your holiday season.

Last year an outstanding home tour was held, this year they are prepping for a chocolate walk, musical entertainment downtown, an ice skating rink, and so much more!  Purchase a long sleeve t-shirt or short sleeve t-shirt to commemorate the event and help support our small community!  See the list of up to date events and times by clicking here for the Christmas In Ridgeville Facebook page for more details, and join us for a wonderful holiday event for the whole family!

We were ecstatic to be be involved in the event last year and are even more excited to be a part of this outstanding event this year; as a lifelong resident of Ridgeville Corners, seeing the community come together for this weekend event makes us so very proud to be able to help create for and contribute to Christmas In Ridgeville!  SSRM Designs & Photography has had so much fun creating the tickets, chocolate walk signage, and the new garments for this year’s event!  Come out and support all of the local businesses in Ridgeville on Dec. 3 & 4, SSRM will be out taking Christmas Card Photos for guests on Saturday and at the Christmas Village Craft Show on Sunday.  SSRM would like to thank you for all of your support over the years!  We are your local, hometown full service photographer and graphic designer of logos, garments, promotional items, signage, decals, and more!!

*All photos and designs are copyright and property of SSRM
Designs & Photography, please no copying, cropping, or saving photos.

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