| Noteworthy Nuptials Logo Design |

Your logo is one of the first thing clients see and becomes one of the ways they recognize you from others; having a strong logo to add to your brand is just one of those important steps in creating and launching a business!  From gorgeous watercolors and soft complementing colors, to bold fonts and colors, the possibilities of creating a logo are endless!

Noteworthy Nuptials is a wonderful wedding coordinating business that is owned by a fellow high school classmate of mine, Jen Bailey!  I was so excited and honored to be able to create this amazing logo for her!  I love getting to sit down with clients and discuss what they would like to see in a logo, but for Jen and I, there are just a few states that separate us.  Instead of meeting in person, we opted to face time our meeting!  Jen emailed her thoughts and ideas so I could have a visual on hand while we chatted and bounced ideas back and forth, discussing colors, designs, likes and dislikes, and a week later we had her final custom look!

I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing about the South Carolina couples that have the pleasure of having their wedding coordinated by Noteworthy Nuptials!  Congrats Jen on your new adventure and thank you for bringing me along!

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| Freedom Ironworx 2019 |

Logo Design is a wonderful part of graphic design, getting to completely customize a brand new look for a fellow business owner is amazing!  Freedom Ironworx came to me a few years ago with an idea for a logo and after going back and forth for a few weeks and combining our thoughts, we came up with this amazing look for such a unique and creative business!  Since that first print we have done inks in white, red, green, neon green, and the latest, neon pink!  Just check out how amazing that final pink print is on the black, it’s amazing to see how a graphic design comes to life!  If you haven’t had a chance to see the amazing things Keith has created, pop on over to his Freedom Ironworx page and check them out and pick up a brand new hot pink printed t-shirt today!

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| SteamProps, LLC Convention Banners |

SteamProps, LLC has kicked off convention season and with things in full swing, he will now be sporting brand new banners at his booth!  Banners are a great way to get your business noticed when heading out and about, with easy set up and take down, they make storage simple.  Mike, the man behind SteamProps, LLC, had a great banner size in mind when we started, we added in some details around his new logo, they look stunning and are sure to make his booth stand out above the rest!  If you’re a fan of the steampunk genre, make sure to check this amazing artist out, his creations are one of a kind, and if you’re looking for a fun event, head out to a local steampunk convention!

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| Patriot Outdoors Hunting |

Hunting season is right around the corner!  The leaves will be turning, the air will be cooling, and hunters will be itching to get in the woods!  I was beyond excited when Jeremy came to me wanting to create this logo for his non profit organization; he brought a great logo that was previously created and it compliments the soldiers and flag logo perfectly!  Patriot Outdoors Hunting is a non profit organization that helps American service men and women after their time in the service and on the battle field has come to a close.  They help these heroes in a multitude of different ways, just one of them being through using the beauty of nature and the great outdoors.  A huge thank you to the great men and women of this country whom have given and are giving to protect the freedoms we all enjoy today!  Thank you Jeremy for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this amazing organization!

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| Freedom Ironworx |

I was ecstatic and honored to get a message from Keith looking to do a logo design for his small business!  Freedom Ironworx is located just down the road from us that does custom metal work, make sure you check out his Facebook page, his work is extraordinary!  He has created custom pieces for our family and the detail and care that he puts into each project is amazing.  It’s small town craftsmanship at it’s finest!  He was looking for something bio mechanical that incorporated his mig and tig welding tools, but yet had nuts and bolts in it, so we put our creative minds together and were able to create his perfect look!    Thank you Keith for allowing me to help you design your logo!


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| Salvaged Creation |

Starting a small business is nothing short of a feat.  And I’m always glad when I can help a new business get off the ground with a fresh custom logo!  A great new business is going in not too far from me and I was honored that they chose me to help them create their look!  Salvaged Creation is based on the premise that 100% of the lumber used in their items will be single sourced by them.  Recovered, milled, solar kiln dried, and 99% of the lumber will be salvaged and not harvested from trees that have been killed due to wind damage, lot clearing, and insects.  They are also using old barn wood and beams in their products for that great vintage look!  They were looking for a simple logo that would give them instant recognition and become almost a trademark for them.  The logo also needed to be something with not too much detail as they want to turn it into a hot brand and burn it into the pieces that they sell.  Such a great idea!  If you get a chance, stop on by once they are up and running and check out all they have to offer!  So honored to have a small part in this amazing business!

Logo Design

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| Archbold Bands |

This fall I have had the great privileged and honor to be a part of my high school once again!  From capturing the new Alumni Band and the AHS final marching show to a new logo, it has been wonderful to be a part of this great tradition again.  Archbold bands have had a tradition of excellence that has reached back over 40 years, and the current director of bands is not about to let that disappear.  She has taken on the challenge of continually pushing her students to reach a potential that she knows is there and that she knows they can achieve.  This is not only obvious in the classroom, but on the field as well.  Just watching these high schoolers march you can see discipline and pride in every step.  We wanted to create a fresh and new look for the band program that shows their past and present.  Creating a logo can be a daunting task for some, but we start out with a look, then build and edit from there.  Sometimes logos need detail and lots going on, others like this one, need to be less complex to really stand out and catch your attention.  You will notice the Streak in the background, this has been the logo for Archbold for many many years, while the specific A that has been used has changed a little over the years.  The A seen in this logo is the current A that the school uses, so we have incorporated the past, present, and future into a logo that the band program can be proud to call theirs.  I have had a wonderful time working with the director, whom also happens to be a fellow classmate and AHS Alumni, getting to know her family, and seeing her continue the proud Archbold Band traditions!  Congrats to the staff and members of the AHS Marching Bluestreak sand Archbold Bands on a wonderful fall season!