| Salvaged Creation |

Starting a small business is nothing short of a feat.  And I’m always glad when I can help a new business get off the ground with a fresh custom logo!  A great new business is going in not too far from me and I was honored that they chose me to help them create their look!  Salvaged Creation is based on the premise that 100% of the lumber used in their items will be single sourced by them.  Recovered, milled, solar kiln dried, and 99% of the lumber will be salvaged and not harvested from trees that have been killed due to wind damage, lot clearing, and insects.  They are also using old barn wood and beams in their products for that great vintage look!  They were looking for a simple logo that would give them instant recognition and become almost a trademark for them.  The logo also needed to be something with not too much detail as they want to turn it into a hot brand and burn it into the pieces that they sell.  Such a great idea!  If you get a chance, stop on by once they are up and running and check out all they have to offer!  So honored to have a small part in this amazing business!

Logo Design

*All photos and designs are copyright and property of SSRM Designs &
Photography, please no copying, cropping, or saving photos.

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