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I don’t very often post many personal things or talk about what is going on in my family life, but I wanted to take a moment to share a little about my Grandma.  She is one of the main reasons that I know how to do what I do, how to be creative, and how to express that through an art form.  She has been there for every family member, taking care of everyone, cooking, cake decorating, woodworking, landscaping, you name it!  She’s a jack of all trade and a master of every single one!  For the last several years she has struggled with Severe Peripheral Neuropathy, Spinal Stenosis, and the pain of associated with each of these struggles.  Luckily in our area these is a center called Sara’s Garden that does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, where many local community members and some that come from great distances have received helpful treatment.  We were lucky enough for her to be accepted into the program and she started treatments today!  She already felt better after just one day and can’t wait to keep going.  Below is a link to her story, and if you feel guided to donate, our family is more than grateful, but kind thoughts and words are just as wonderful!  Take a moment to ready her story and the history and mission of Sara’s Garden, it’s a truly amazing story and the work that they are doing is simply fantastic.


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