| Archbold Bands |

This fall I have had the great privileged and honor to be a part of my high school once again!  From capturing the new Alumni Band and the AHS final marching show to a new logo, it has been wonderful to be a part of this great tradition again.  Archbold bands have had a tradition of excellence that has reached back over 40 years, and the current director of bands is not about to let that disappear.  She has taken on the challenge of continually pushing her students to reach a potential that she knows is there and that she knows they can achieve.  This is not only obvious in the classroom, but on the field as well.  Just watching these high schoolers march you can see discipline and pride in every step.  We wanted to create a fresh and new look for the band program that shows their past and present.  Creating a logo can be a daunting task for some, but we start out with a look, then build and edit from there.  Sometimes logos need detail and lots going on, others like this one, need to be less complex to really stand out and catch your attention.  You will notice the Streak in the background, this has been the logo for Archbold for many many years, while the specific A that has been used has changed a little over the years.  The A seen in this logo is the current A that the school uses, so we have incorporated the past, present, and future into a logo that the band program can be proud to call theirs.  I have had a wonderful time working with the director, whom also happens to be a fellow classmate and AHS Alumni, getting to know her family, and seeing her continue the proud Archbold Band traditions!  Congrats to the staff and members of the AHS Marching Bluestreak sand Archbold Bands on a wonderful fall season!




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