| Nic Rodriguez AHS Senior 2018 |

Archbold’s football season wrapped up just a few weeks ago after a great season!  I spent this last Sunday with Nic, the football team’s safety and wide receiver and also the baseball team’s left fielder; he may look warm, but it was a very chilly day!  Nic braved the weather for short sleeves, all while I was layered and bundled!  My favorite thing about seniors is learning about their activities in school and seeing their personality shine through, Nic was no exception!  The moment we hit the football field you could see the love he has for the sport and that he will greatly miss it, and his teammates, next fall.  Baseball was the same, he looked ready to take the field and that spring can’t come quick enough!  It was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with Nic, congrats on a great football season, good luck with the upcoming baseball season, and most of all good luck next year!  Congrats Nic!

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